You don’t have to be flexible to do Yoga! You don’t have to be strong to do Yoga! All you have to do is try, honor what your body is able to do in the moment, and give Yoga a chance to change your body and mind. We welcome all levels of experience!

Read the class descriptions below to learn more.




This vinyasa style class includes a flowing sequence is inspired by the Ashtanga Primary Series focusing on linking poses with breath. This class will incorporate Sun Salutations and some inversions including shoulderstand and headstand. Some experience is strongly recommended, but not required. Our instructors are trained and experienced to help you adjust poses to your level.

Our Align and GLOW classes are held in a warmed studio.


Bring bottled water and a towel (or two!)

This all levels flow class will be held in room temperature between 100-110 degrees with controlled humidity.


Bring bottled water and a towel - and a smile!

This all levels flow class will be held in a room heated to 90-95 degrees with controlled humidity. Our KARMA Glow classes are a great way to try a heated class.

Suitable for everyone!


Bring bottled water and a towel - and a smile!

This intermediate level class class will be held in a heated room with controlled humidity. This is a challenging class based on the Ashtanga Vinyasa system and will feature advanced arm balances and inversions. Prior yoga experience is strongly encouraged!


This class is perfect for beginners or anyone wanting a slower paced and relaxed class. This class will feature attention to each individual to learn correct alignment to meet your needs. Modifications, use of props or alternate poses will be offered as needed. EVERYONE IS WELCOME!


Whether you are an athlete, have chronic pain, or just wanting to learn how to stay active & healthy as you age, then join Laura for our newest class, FASCIA FLOW!

FASCIA FLOW will mix myofascial release techniques, neuro-kinetic & sports performance modalities to bring you the perfect balance of classes! Think of it as getting a massage, going to a chiropractor, and physical therapy all in one session...and it is easy enough for EVERYBODY to do!

We recommend participants invest in a MELT soft roller & a hand-foot treatment kit. We will have equipment available to use if needed. Equipment is available for purchase at the studio. Or from our SHOP tab.


Developed by Bernie Clark, this class consists of poses that are close to the floor, with no "engagement" of the muscles or heat built in the body. We gently enter the poses and hold for time, 3-5minutes, sometimes longer; this is so we can bring the "stress" (preferred term to stretch) beyond the muscles and superficial tissues and into the yin tissues (deep, connective tissues, ligaments and fascia).

This class is held in a warm room (85-90 degrees).


A combination of Yin and Yang Yoga: This class will start with a vinyasa style practice that uses Sun Salutations and standing poses to warm the body and focus the mind; followed by meditation and breath work (pranayama) as a transition into the "yin" portion of the class. The second half of the class will consist of longer held passive poses on the floor that focus on the lower half of the body and are designed to open the deep tissues and relax the nervous system.

A well rounded and complete yoga practice that will leave you feeling balanced and recharged.


This class features traditional standing, balance and seated postures using a chair for balance and comfort. The second half of this class features upper body conditioning with light hand weights.

A well-rounded class suitable for everyone!


At KARMA, we strive to make our classes accessible to everyone. However, we've heard from many of you who've requested a class just for people with 'fuller figures'. This class will meet in our smaller studio to allow for individual attention. You'll be instructed on the foundational poses using props as needed to help you find the level of poses that is best for YOU.


Private sessions now available!

Private group and individual sessions are available by appointment only.

Pricing: $100 for private group class (10 persons); or $60 for private individual 1 hour session.

Call the studio to schedule with one of our RYT 500 teachers.