You don’t have to be flexible to do Yoga! You don’t have to be strong to do Yoga! All you have to do is try, honor what your body is able to do in the moment, and give Yoga a chance to change your body and mind.



Bring bottled water and a towel (or two!) This all levels flow class will be held in room temperature between 100-110 degrees with controlled humidity.


Bring bottled water and a towel - and a smile! This all levels flow class will be held in a room heated to 90-95 degrees with controlled humidity.


Developed by Bernie Clark, this class consist of poses are close to the floor, with no "engagement" of the muscles or heat built in the body. We gently enter the poses and hold for 3-5minutes, sometimes longer; this is so we can bring the "stress" (preferred term to stretch) beyond the muscles and superficial tissues and into the yin tissues (deep, connective tissues, ligaments and fascia). Bernie Clark reminds us several times in his teaching, "all tissues need stress." This stimulates the body to break down, rebuild and heal on a cellular level.


A combination of Yin and Yang Yoga: This class will start with a vinyasa style practice that uses Sun Salutations and standing poses to warm the body and focus the mind; followed by meditation and breath work (pranayama) as a transition into the 'yin' portion of the class. The second half of the class will consist of longer held, passive poses on the floor that focus on the lower half of the body and are designed to open the deep tissues and relax the nervous system. A well-rounded and complete yoga practice that will leave you feeling balanced and recharged.



Mysore is a self-paced class allowing students to receive individual instruction while learning the Ashtanga Yoga practice. Mysore is appropriate for all levels of yoga practitioners to include complete beginners. This class is not 90 minutes long. Students can arrive at any time, but must complete their practice within the allotted class time. This class will be held in our smaller studio which will allow individual attention to the students.


Led Primary is a strong flow class that includes Sun Salutations, standing, balance , seated posture (with strength and stamina building transitions) arm balances, back-bends, and inversions. Led Primary class is an important compliment to a regular Mysore or home practice. It’s an opportunity to ensure that each posture and vinyasa is being learned and practiced safely. The teacher’s count and pacing is followed, using the traditional Sanskrit count and names of postures. Students will be guided through the poses utilizing variations of each posture; based on their familiarity and proficiency in the practice. Students are expected to be familiar with the Primary series through a dedicated home practice or by attending the Mysore class.


This vinyasa style class includes a flowing sequence of poses linked to the breath. This class will incorporate Sun Salutations and some inversions including shoulderstand and headstand. Some experience is strongly recommended, but not required. Our instructors are trained and experienced to help you adjust poses to your level.


This class is perfect for beginners or anyone wanting a slower paced and relaxed class. This class will feature attention to each individual to learn correct alignment to meet your needs. Modifications, use of props or alternate poses will be offered as needed.


At KARMA, we strive to make our classes accessible to everyone. However, we’ve heard from many of you who’ve requested a class just for people with ‘fuller figures’. This class will meet in our smaller studio allowing our instructors to give participants individual attention. You’ll be instructed on the basic, foundational poses, how to use props and pose alternatives. Everyone is welcome!


Pay what you can! These Fundamental level classes will be led by our recent RYS 200 graduates. Proceeds of these classes will go toward scholarships for our future RYS 200 trainings. Register online and bring cash with you. Suggested donation: $10.


Private Yoga Sessions Now Available!

Private Yoga Sessions are ideal for persons who want to learn the basics in a private environment, have specific health or movement issues or want to develop a personal practice designed just for them. $60 for a one-hour session with one of our RYT 500 Teachers.

Call the studio, 270-506-2894, for more information or to schedule your private yoga session today!

Pre-registration is required for all of our classes. All classes are taught with attention to proper alignment, to improve overall strength and flexibility and to prevent injury! Beginners are welcome. If you're not sure which class is right for you - send us an email, or give us a call. We'll help you decide which class is best for you!