We are so excited to see so many new faces to the studio, as well as our dedicated students! In an effort to make our classes accessible to as many people as possible and resolve some registrations issues, the following policies will be implemented.


Registration for all classes that are held at the KARMA studio ENDS 30 minutes prior to the start of class. There will be no on-line registration past this 30-minute deadline. This does not apply for Special Event, Fresh Air or Off-Site Classes.


Cancellations for any class must be made by using the website or your Mindbody app no later than 2 hours (120 minutes) prior to the start of class. We will not accept cancellations via phone or IG/FB messenger. If you do not have access to the Mindbody app – an email may be sent to no later than 2 hours prior to class start time.

Failure to cancel class at least 2 hours before start of class will result in the forfeiture of the class pass used.


Due to the increased capacity for classes, we will no longer have a waitlist available. However, please call the studio prior to the start time to inquire about last minute openings.

In Summary:

If you register for a class, please make every effort to attend. We will always strive to make to make it worth your time! Also, we often look ahead to see who is coming to class and we get excited when we see who’s on the roster. We genuinely look forward to seeing each of you in class!

Thank you very much for your cooperation with these policies.