Patricia Horvath

RYT 200

Pat was introduced to yoga at a young age and always knew it as a way to become healthier. She attended classes at gyms and studios on and off through out her life but always felt that she just wasn't flexible or coordinated enough for yoga and would quickly become discouraged from committing to a consistent practice; until she moved to Kentucky and took a class at KARMA. She discovered that yoga could be taught in an accessible way that encouraged progression through safe modifications of the postures. This was in stark contrast to the vinyasa classes she had attended in the past, taught by dancers from the various dance schools and academies in Philadelphia.

Pat is an artist and graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, famously known as the first art school in America and home to the famous Thomas Eakins painting "The Gross Clinic". She majored in painting and minored in printmaking. She teaches painting in an accessible and fun way and combines it with yoga as a way to introduce the other limbs of yoga and eastern philosophy into her teaching. She is a graduate of the KARMA School of Yoga and Wellness 200hr program and continues to educate herself in yoga asana and philosophy through workshops and trainings. Most recently she has studied vinyasa sequencing with Jason Crandell and completed Yin Yoga teacher training with Bernie Clark.

"Our yoga practice should be alive and adaptable to our needs as we go through the seasons of our lives." -Paul Grilley